Tips For Helping A Family Member In OCD Treatment In Pune

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OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder, can create a range of challenges and difficulties for the individual as well as family members. True Humaniversity Foundation offers effective options for OCD treatment in India, providing a holistic approach that allows individuals to take control of their life.

As a family member of someone undergoing OCD treatment in India, there are effective ways to support your loved one. Working closely with the rehabilitation centre and learning about this disorder are two important ways to support your family member.

Learning About OCD

Understanding the nature of the disorder, its symptoms, and treatment options can help you provide better support. By learning about the disorder and the OCD treatment in India, you can gain insight into the therapeutic approaches and resources available. This knowledge empowers you to communicate effectively with your loved one and their healthcare providers, ensuring that you’re informed about their progress and treatment plan.

Be Supportive

OCD can cause repetitive thoughts, behaviors, thoughts, and sensations that are not controllable without medication and treatment. Offering patience, empathy, and avoiding criticism makes your loved one feel comfortable rather than judged. A supportive attitude helps them feel understood and less isolated in their struggle.

Support the Treatment and Use of Medication

Consistency is crucial in managing OCD. Encourage your loved one to attend all therapy sessions, take prescribed medications, and practice any recommended behavioral exercises. OCD treatment often includes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that is paired with medication if the OCD is severe. Supporting their commitment to these therapies can significantly enhance their treatment outcomes.

OCD is a misunderstood mental health condition that can be controlled by effective OCD treatment in India from True Humaniversity Foundation. To learn more about our treatment options, see us at


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