The Untapped Value of Iowa’s Adams County’s Land

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Adams County, Iowa is rapidly becoming into a “treasure chest” for potential property speculators. Land real estate has been a sought-after investment in this rural Midwest area due to the region’s booming agricultural economy, plenty of recreational options, and accessible location in Adams County, Iowa, just an hour from Omaha, Nebraska.

Examining the Land Market

In Adams County, Iowa, the market for property has steadily risen over the past 20 years. According to the 2017 Land Values Summary Report by the Iowa State University Extension program, non-irrigated farmland significantly outpaced the 2017 statewide average of 14%. The average land selling price in Adams County jumped 39% in 2017.

With new purchasers entering the market, the demand for and price of land real estate in the county has increased, mostly due to a constant growth in farm land acreage. Due to this demand, there are now more land auction businesses in the area; in fact, over 28 businesses reported sales of more than $128 million in only 2017 alone.

The Advantages of Purchasing Land

There are several financial advantages to purchasing land, particularly for those wishing to do so in Iowa’s Adams County. Land real estate often costs less to buy than residential real estate, and it has a strong long-term potential for gain. Additionally, the land real estate process is more economical since land transactions often have lower transactional expenses than equivalent residential acquisitions.

Investors in real estate who are looking for land-rich properties in rural locations like Adams County, Iowa, have the chance to earn a sizable return over time and maybe have access to a number of tax advantages related to land ownership. Additionally, purchasers can purchase land through Adams County auctions, which provide the chance to save a lot of money on land real estate.

Real Estate Proz, LLC

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